FontLab VI 6.1.3

FontLab VI 6.1.3 is faster and more streamlined: arrow-key Tunni lines editing; precise non-node segment editing; easier free transformations; better anchor decomposition; improved classes and features editing; easier font export customization; better UFO3 handling; single-stroke fonts; improved Sketchboard text frames.

Use Sketchboard Text frames in FontLab VI 6.1.3
Use Sketchboard Text frames in FontLab VI 6.1.3

See the full release notes for details.

Note: VFC and VFJ files saved in FontLab VI 6.1.3 cannot be opened in FontLab VI 6.1.2 or in earlier versions.

Drawing and editing glyphs

  • Move nodes or handles with cursor keys after dragging.
  • Edit Tunni lines more freely with cursor keys.
  • Make simple calculations in numeric text fields for widths, coordinates etc.
  • Add nodes or remove nodes, guides, components and kerning pairs using two mouse buttons.
  • Perform direct non-node segment editing with more precision.
  • Free Transform selections from multiple elements across layers in one go.
  • Instantly scale and flip selections with Selection frame.
  • Easily make slanted glyph guides.
  • Easily move nodes and handles along the italic vertical axis.
  • Automatically relocate the first node with Set Start Point.
  • Use the new Add Nodes action.
  • Manually add horizontal PostScript ghost hints.


  • Filter and remove elements in the Gallery panel.
  • Easily add new elements/components to a group.
  • Remove or reorder elements/components while in Font window.
  • View component index and coordinates.
  • Copy appearance or element structure when filling a new layer with the content of another font or master.

Metrics, auto layers and expressions

  • Edit kerning exceptions more intuitively.
  • Update linked metrics and auto layers live or on demand.
  • Turn auto layers on/off in all masters.
  • Get the right anchors when decomposing glyphs.
  • Easily edit glyphs from the Metrics window.
  • Search for glyphs that contain expressions.

Classes, tags and features

  • Import and export classes.
  • Import features from more font formats.
  • Control what happens when you add glyphs to a kerning class.
  • Use additional virtual tags.
  • View tags in Font window cell captions.
  • Search for partial tags in the Font window.
  • Use tags and virtual tags in feature definitions.

Font formats

  • Save backups in a subfolder.
  • Use Sketchboard text frames more easily to edit, space or kern glyphs, and save them in VFC/VFJ.
  • Easily customize font export settings.
  • Use hyphens in glyph names.
  • Improved export of single-stroke fonts for engravers and plotters.
  • Countless improvements in exporting instances, handling OpenType color fonts and UFO packages.

Performance and updates

  • FontLab opens and saves fonts up to 2× faster, and uses up to 40% less memory.
  • Decide if you prefer to get stable or beta updates of FontLab VI.

Bug fixes

Undo, Glyph drawing and editing, Tunni lines, Smart Corners, flattening of compound glyphs, Paste Special, the Mask layer, Kerning, Element Guides, the Gallery panel, the Font Window, OpenType features, Variations, PostScript and TrueType hinting, Python and font format support.

More info

View full release notes for more details!

Adam Twardoch

Adam Twardoch is Director of Products at FontLab, and a font consultant specializing in font technology, multilingual typography, CSS webfonts, Unicode and OpenType. Co-designer of Lato, the world’s most-popular independently made font family (by Łukasz Dziedzic), and of Milka (by Botio Nikoltchev). Co-creator of OpenType Font Variations and CSS Fonts specs. In 2000–2014, technical and linguistic consultant at MyFonts, the world’s largest online font distributor, and board member of Association Typographique Internationale (ATypI). Adam regularly teaches workshops in font creation. He lives and works in Warsaw and Berlin.