OS X 10.10.3 does not need FontLab Studio update!

Update April 8, 2015: OS10.10.3 shipped today, and as hoped, the final shipping version does not in fact break FontLab Studio 5.1.4 (or 5.1.2; earlier 5.0.x versions are probably also okay but not tested).

We would like to take this opportunity to reiterate our appreciation for our friends and colleagues at Apple: they proactively alerted us to the problem, and then later changed path to avoid triggering it with the actual shipping 10.10.3 update when it came. A class act all around!

As announced April 1, FontLab Studio 5.1.5 build 5568 (release candidate 1) is available (since replaced by FontLab Studio 5.1.5 build 5611, release candidate 2). Because it is possible that a future Mac OS X build will cause the same problem we previously saw, we will continue testing 5.1.5 and expect to make it available in the future.

Our original post is below for posterity. We will email our existing users again when we are ready to announce a final version of 5.1.5.

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The coming OS X version 10.10.3 will could possibly break existing versions of FontLab Studio 5.

We’ve recently learned that the upcoming Mac OS 10.10.3 update will may break existing versions of FontLab Studio 5, including the current version 5.1.4. FontLab Studio 5.1.4 simply won’t run under some pre-release versions of 10.10.3, and we expect this is true of earlier versions of 5.1.x and 5.0.x. We know of no workaround. If running FontLab Studio is important to you, we strongly recommend you do not install 10.10.3 until a FontLab update is available.

We will be notifying all FontLab Studio customers in our mailing list immediately. (The email is scheduled for 6:45 am PST 31 Mar 2015 — about 7 hours from now — so as to get read by the most people.)

We have had extensive communication with Apple, and believe we fully understand the problem. We have multiple engineers working on this as their top priority. As soon as an update is available and tested, we will make it available, and contact existing customers by email. (Of course we will also tweet, blog, and post on Facebook.)

As far as we are aware to date, the problem does not affect any FontLab applications other than FontLab Studio.

Apple does not give ship dates for OS updates, even to developers, so we can’t say whether we will have an update out by the time 10.10.3 is available. Plus, it would be wise of us to test with the actual final release version of 10.10.3. We’re hard at work on it, and will make it available as soon as possible.

This post will continue to be updated as the situation develops.

Thank you for being a FontLab customer! We value your business, and we will fix this problem as quickly as we can.

Thomas Phinney

Thomas Phinney was CEO of FontLab until 2019, when he retired from FontLab to pursue his font detective work and type design. Previously he worked at Extensis (web fonts and font management tools) and Adobe (as product manager for global fonts and typography). Thomas is also a teacher, writer, and consultant on fonts and typography. He has been consulted by Apple, Adobe, Microsoft, Oxford University Press, a “big three” US auto maker, the US Treasury Department, and PBS “History Detectives,” among others. He teaches type design with Crafting Type and has been a repeat guest lecturer for MA Typeface Design at the University of Reading. Since 2004 he has been a board member of ATypI, the international typography association. His typeface Hypatia Sans is an Adobe Original with over 3000 glyphs per font.