FontLab Studio Mac now in 7 languages

FontLab Studio 5.1.5 Mac is newly localized into French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese!

The app makes its choice of which language to display the interface in based on your system preferences:

FontLab language

There is a workaround to force FontLab to work in a different language regardless of your language preferences: open the application package, and delete the folders for the languages that are higher in your prefs list than the one you want FontLab to use. The folders have names such as “Spanish.lproj”.

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Thomas Phinney

Thomas Phinney is CEO of FontLab. Previously he worked at Extensis (web fonts and font management tools) and Adobe (as product manager for global fonts and typography). Thomas is also a type designer, teacher, writer, and consultant on fonts and typography. He has been consulted by Apple, Adobe, Microsoft, Oxford University Press, a “big three” US auto maker, the US Treasury Department, and PBS “History Detectives,” among others. He teaches type design with Crafting Type and has been a repeat guest lecturer for MA Typeface Design at the University of Reading. Since 2004 he has been a board member of ATypI, the international typography association. His typeface Hypatia Sans is an Adobe Original with over 3000 glyphs per font.

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