Webinar 20 Jan 2015: Worthington on Connecting Scripts

Use FontLab Studio 5 to Make Connecting Script Fonts with Laura Worthington
Tuesday 20 Jan 2015
9:00 am Pacific / noon Eastern / 19:00 CEST
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Laura Worthington is one of the most popular script font designers out there. From mega-families Adorn and Charcuterie to one-shots Al Fresco, Alana and Samantha, she’s a master of a difficult form of type design: script fonts, connected and otherwise. In this webinar, she teaches you how she does it in FontLab Studio 5.

Connected scripts are notoriously difficult to design. They’re plagued with many problems and present several conundrums. Where should you connect the letters? How do you ensure that the connections are smooth and fit together correctly? How do you handle some of the more difficult letter connections (I’m talking about YOU, letters r, s, x and z!) How about semi-connected scripts? Will a semi-connected script resolve some of the typical connected script issues or just create a new set of problems to deal with? When should opt to design a semi-connected script instead of a connected script? How do you handle spacing and kerning? In this workshop we will cover all of these topics and more — demystifying the process of designing connected scripts.

There will also be a live Q&A Session at the end of the webinar where you can ask Laura your perplexing questions!

An award-winning typeface designer, Laura Worthington has built an extensive body of work based solely on her original concepts and drawings, and her depth of experience. She is especially known for evocative titling, logo, and display scripts, often offered with an astonishing abundance of swashes, alternates and ornaments. She has created high-level commissioned work, taught college-level visual communication courses, professional development workshops and was a graphic designer for 15 years. Worthington’s typefaces have appeared in numerous respected Best of Year lists. Her work has featured in several publications and her typefaces are available through a wide range of distinguished and popular distributors. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her beloved husband and dogs.

There are a limited number of seats available for this webinar, so don’t be disappointed:

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