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Dutch Type Library / URW++ release OTMaster 6,
available now at FontLab,
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icon_otmaster3_512x512_rgb-redrawnOTMaster is the ultimate tool for examining final output fonts and tweaking them, without bringing them through a full-on font editor.

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  • Full version: USD $279 $209
  • Academic (student or teacher): USD $139.50 $104.62
  • Upgrade: $54.71
  • Free Upgrade if you purchased version 5 in 2016!

About OTMaster

OTMaster font view

OTMaster font view

DTL OTMaster (OTM) is the sophisticated application for opening, reviewing, editing and storing glyphs and tables of font formats that use the sfnt container: TTF (TrueType/OpenType), OTF (OpenType with PostScript CFF outlines) and TTC (TrueType Collection), including all the competing color font variants.

Regular font editors, such as FontLab Studio, Fontographer, TypeTool and the DTL FontMaster (FM) suite, use their own internal data formats during design and production. From these files, binary fonts for the end-user (TTF, OTF, etc.) are compiled as the very last step in the font production process.

OTMaster is a tool for inspecting and adjusting such binary fonts, regardless of the font editor used to create them. OTM gives a graphical user interface for editing tables, and comes with a built-in Glyph Editor for proofing and editing contours, or even drawing glyphs from scratch. A ‘kern’ Table Viewer is available for proofing and refining the kerning, and a ‘GSUB’/‘GPOS’ Viewer to visually test and adjust these OpenType Layout tables. DTL OTMaster is available for Mac OS X (10.7 Lion and newer), Windows (Windows XP and newer), and the major Linux distributions.

What’s New?

OTMaster glyph viewer

OTMaster glyph viewer

New in version 6.3.0 compared to 5.x:

  • Support for Retina displays
  • Opens TTC made by AFDKO
  • Open & export WOFF and WOFF2 font formats
  • Glyph editor has more tools
  • OTM Text Viewer supports metrics editing
  • Tool icon size can be changed (in preferences)
  • Bug that resulted in mislabeling ‘hhea’ table-field names has been fixed
  • Bug that resulted in disordered display in the OTM Feature Selector has been fixed
OTMaster table viewer/editor

OTMaster table viewer/editor

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Thomas Phinney

Thomas Phinney was CEO of FontLab until 2019, when he retired from FontLab to pursue his font detective work and type design. Previously he worked at Extensis (web fonts and font management tools) and Adobe (as product manager for global fonts and typography). Thomas is also a teacher, writer, and consultant on fonts and typography. He has been consulted by Apple, Adobe, Microsoft, Oxford University Press, a “big three” US auto maker, the US Treasury Department, and PBS “History Detectives,” among others. He teaches type design with Crafting Type and has been a repeat guest lecturer for MA Typeface Design at the University of Reading. Since 2004 he has been a board member of ATypI, the international typography association. His typeface Hypatia Sans is an Adobe Original with over 3000 glyphs per font.