Free FontLab Webinar: Typerobics Type Design Exercises

Please join us for an exciting new free webinar for beginning type designers!

Typerobics: Type design exercises
with Fábio Duarte Martins
Tuesday 16 June 2015
9:00 am Pacific / noon Eastern / 16.00 GMT / 18.00 CEST
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The video from the webinar is now available!

Are your letters feeling out of shape? Do you aspire to win the regional kerning championship? Typerobics is a type-making workout regime intended to shape up your Bézier biceps. Every sport requires exercise, and so does type design. Typerobics is your type design fitness plan: pick a word, pick a typographic style, draw that word in under 40 minutes-then repeat at least three times a week.

This webinar will use FontLab Studio, but the general principles apply to all font editors, including Fontographer and TypeTool.

In the webinar, Fábio Duarte Martins will show and tell about his daily type drawing exercises which he calls “Typerobics.” He will show the creation process of a micro-typeface (one word’s worth of glyphs) from start to end, using FontLab Studio 5. Fábio will discuss both the design and the technical steps and challenges, and you get to participate. The webinar is a FontLab Studio mini-course, a type design exercise, and – hopefully – will be an inspiration for you to follow the method.

Inspired by using the automated “TypeCooker” app, Typerobics is an open-ended type design workout to help you stretch your type design skills to new heights!

There will also be a live Q&A Session at the end of the webinar where you can ask Fábio your tough beginning-a-font questions!

Fábio Duarte Martins is a Portuguese type designer, letterer and ocasional type educator. He runs Scannerlicker!, a one-man micro type foundry, since 2009. Fábio has worked for clients such as Sony Computer Enternainment, Disney, and ABC television. He is also a co-founder of FEST — New Directors New Films Festival, in Espinho, Portugal.

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Tues 16 June 2015
9:00 am Pacific / noon Eastern / 16.00 GMT / 18.00 CEST


Thomas Phinney

Thomas Phinney was CEO of FontLab until 2019, when he retired from FontLab to pursue his font detective work and type design. Previously he worked at Extensis (web fonts and font management tools) and Adobe (as product manager for global fonts and typography). Thomas is also a teacher, writer, and consultant on fonts and typography. He has been consulted by Apple, Adobe, Microsoft, Oxford University Press, a “big three” US auto maker, the US Treasury Department, and PBS “History Detectives,” among others. He teaches type design with Crafting Type and has been a repeat guest lecturer for MA Typeface Design at the University of Reading. Since 2004 he has been a board member of ATypI, the international typography association. His typeface Hypatia Sans is an Adobe Original with over 3000 glyphs per font.