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workshop: Advanced Type Design with FontLab Studio 5

We are pleased to announce a FontLab Workshop, in association with Typography Day in Pune, India, and the Symbiosis Institute of Design (SID). Special thanks to Profs. Manohar Desai and Mahendra Patel for their organizational assistance.


March 3 – 5 (Mon – Wed), 2014, 10:00 to 17:00  (Note: pay fee as part of your Typo Day registration, or arrive early on Monday to pay fee and sign in.)

SID (Symbiosis Institute of Design) Campus, Pune

Fee: 3000 rupees (~$50 USD). This fee includes lunches and tea breaks on all three days. It is payable by cash at the door, on arrival the first day. Accommodation and transportation are your own responsibility.

Instructors: Adam Twardoch, Ted Harrison, Thomas Phinney and Pradnya Naik. with special guest Prof. Mahendra Patel. See below for details.

FontLab Studio

Learn advanced type design, and the tricks and techniques used by professionals to make better fonts more easily with FontLab Studio 5. We will teach you the secrets of drawing, spacing, kerning, creating large families of fonts, western and Indic type design, and avoiding repetitive drudgery in type design with scripting, and working with the myriad capabilities of FontLab Studio. See detailed agenda.

Feel free to bring your font(s) for feedback during the opening of the workshop (see agenda).


  • Background Experience: Some previous type design experience using font editing software is highly recommended. Attendees should already understand basics of proper point placement for glyph outlines and be familiar with how a font editor works. Experience with FontLab Studio is not required.
  • Computer: You can use a computer in the lab, or bring a laptop computer with Mac OS10.5+, or Windows XP SP2 or later. (OS10.3 – 10.4 can be accommodated with an older version of FontLab Studio.) 
    • If you are bringing your own laptop instead of using a lab computer, and do not have FontLab Studio 5 already installed, you will be given access to a time-limited version at no additional cost. Advance registration will allow you to do any needed installation before the workshop. (Those who do not install in advance can do so during the workshop.)

About the Instructors:

Thomas Phinney is a type designer and typography consultant, and board member of ATypI, who teaches type design with the Crafting Type workshops. He works for Extensis in Portland (Oregon), USA, where he is reponsible for the WebINK web font service. His typeface Hypatia Sans is an Adobe Original, designed during his decade with Adobe.

Adam Twardoch is FontLab’s product and marketing manager, and a consultant on font development for many clients, including Linotype and MyFonts, based in Berlin. He is expert in automating font production processes with Python and FontLab Studio.

Pradya Naik is a type designer, typographer, designer and calligrapher. She has a Master’s degree from the Type & Media program at the KABK (Royal Academy of Arts) in The Hague, Netherlands. She has designed type for Devanagari, Gujarati, Latin & Urdu.

Ted Harrison is co-founder and CEO of FontLab, based in Canada and Panama. He has a passion for helping make the lives of type designers easier.

Prof. Mahendra Patel is a celebrated type designer, typographer, teacher and mentor. Expert in both western and Indic type design, Prof. Patel has designed typefaces for all of the major writing systems of India. In 2010 he was honored with the Gutenberg Award by the International Gutenberg Society in Mainz, Germany.